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This project intends to apply innovative CLIL method to multilingual learning-teaching system in upper secondary education, with the regard to develop academic language skills related to Botany vocabulary and mythology, and social language abilities in English to B2 level. So, having as starting point the official curricula of upper secondary education within our respective countries (Spain, Italy, and Greece), upper secondary pupils are going to work simultaneously on various contents in English (Botany related vocabulary in English and modern languages, classical roots of Botany vocabulary, classical myths and plants) belonging to more than one academic discipline: modern languages (English and partners` mother tongues: Spanish, Basque, Italian, and Greek), classical languages and literatures (Latin and Ancient Greek), classical culture (Mythology), natural science (Botany related vocabulary), and computers (on line platforms and applications).

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martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015


Post your comments about this experience.....
We think that the main goal of an Erasmus + project is the meeting between young people. So try to explain your feelings.....

10 comentarios:

  1. We have spent a week with some nice guys from Greece. In this week, with the school, we have spent some days together: we have visited a lot of nice places, such as Naples and the ruins of Pompeii. In these days with them we have enjoyed ourselves a lot, but, even if now we are a bit tired, we think it has been a beautiful experience. The guys who haven't accomodated Greek students have had a lot of fun with them, too.
    -Alessia Buonopane, Anna Maria Pizzella, Miriam Iovino, Simona Verde, Paola Percuoco, Emilia Ruocco, Mirko Del Sorbo.

  2. This experience for me is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me because for the first time i've met people with different language and different traditions. I've had the chance to stay with nice people and understand how other people live. All i've ever wanted is to know how families live in other countries and understand different life styles. I hope that i will have an other experience like this one because i love meet new people, new countries and new traditions.
    I hope that i will able to say that i've two families.
    -Sara D'Auria

    1. This experience has been very beautiful,beacuse we have known new people of another country,Greece. We had a great time all together and we enjoyed so much. We exchanged our traditions and Greeks,Italians and Napolitan words. We discovered that we have a similar culture,in fact many centuries ago ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks met.We had the possibility of know different of thinking and habits of greek people,we also learn to use a common language,English,to communicate. We are looking forward to go to Greece and see again our friends. We hope that after this exchange we will continue to communcate and a day met another time in the future. If we can,we will repeat this again,because the Greeks guys are really funny,happy and lovely people.
      -Apuzzo Mariagrazia, Gargiulo Annalisa, Foglia Eleonora, D'Urso Francesca, Fevola Mariarosaria, Volpe Vincenzo, Di Paola Antonio, Cozzolino Claudia.

  3. We are the students that don't accomodate any partner but anyway we are taking part in the project. We are really excited to stay with people of different countries and we think that this experience could be very useful and we have been waiting this week for ages. Even if we don't have a partner we stay all together everyday and we also go out with them in the evening. We hope that we will live an other experience like this one, because it's really improving our english and we are opening ourselves to other cultures. We think that we won't forget this week in a whole life.
    -Sabrina -Annapia -Rosa -Giusy -Emiddio

  4. In this experience we are learning many things,for example new language, new culture and new lifestyle. The Greek students arrived on Saturday and when we are at the Airport we were so exciting because for us is the first time to stay all together and to share our life with the other people. In this week we went out a lot and we visited Ville di Stabia, Pompei and Naples with the school. We had a lot of funny. We are also working at the project and in this way we stay all together because we can do the work in groups. We won't forget this experience in whole life.
    -Francesca C. -Ilaria -Raffaella -Federica -Carmela

  5. This travel has been an unforgettable experience because we have learnt different things and the people we met was really nice.

  6. This experience has been very useful for our future.We have improved a lot our english and We have met i lot of new and fantastic people.We hope we will see them again not only in April but also in summer.

  7. This experience has been very important for me and my future. I met a lot of new people and I learn who is the Italian live. I hope we will see again soon! Love you guys♥

  8. This experience has been useful for our english our future... We have improved our english a lot and we have met lot of people and know their cultures and habits.I hope I will see them again.

    Jon Otxoa

  9. We are Maria Etxebarrieta, Garazi Paños and Gorka Ortiz.
    We are very happy of living this experience with people from another country, in only a week we have meet incredible people that we will never forget. But we're not only talking about our partners, this message is also for their families. We have recived a lot of love from them and we have to thank them all the things that they have done for us.
    We know that this experience haven't finish yet, and we are very excited of being April to stay together again. Thank you so much for this funny moments, we miss you a lot.