FOR project`s contents

This project intends to apply innovative CLIL method to multilingual learning-teaching system in upper secondary education, with the regard to develop academic language skills related to Botany vocabulary and mythology, and social language abilities in English to B2 level. So, having as starting point the official curricula of upper secondary education within our respective countries (Spain, Italy, and Greece), upper secondary pupils are going to work simultaneously on various contents in English (Botany related vocabulary in English and modern languages, classical roots of Botany vocabulary, classical myths and plants) belonging to more than one academic discipline: modern languages (English and partners` mother tongues: Spanish, Basque, Italian, and Greek), classical languages and literatures (Latin and Ancient Greek), classical culture (Mythology), natural science (Botany related vocabulary), and computers (on line platforms and applications).

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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

National Archaeological Museum

Next, we departed by bus to the National Archaeological Museum where students worked in intercultural teams.

Visit to the Agricultural University of Athens

Today, we visited the botanical garden of the Agricultural University of Athens. The visit was guided by some students of that university.

Breakfast at Varvakeio

At Varvakeio lyceum, students and teachers dasted a delicious breakfast offered by students`families. 
Thank you so much!

viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

Today morning, we visited the museum of the Acropolis guided by the archaeologist of the museum Giannis Koutoulias. The visit consisted on the analysis of some masterpieces of the museum from a botanical point of view. This visit finished with an activity made by the international groups of students about the "Plants of the Museum".
Next, we were welcomed at the Municipality of Psychiko by the representative of the Mayor who talked to us about the importance of plants in our civilisation and their relationship with Classical Mythology and the origine of Europe. Then, the participants took part in an interesting workshop on project`s plants.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

At last, we are in Athens

After having an eventful journey from Bilbao (we suffered a departure delay of 45 minutes at Amsterdam and we lost the wheels of two students`luggages), finally we are in Athens. We are very happy among our Greek and Italian project partners. We want to thank Greek families and teachers for their kind reception. Thank you so much!

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Prize-giving ceremony at Urbi high school

Today, the logo contest winner Omar Amaro was awarded the prize by the principal of Urbi high school.
Congratulations Omar!!!

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

At last, we have the overall winner in the logo contest

Today, the representatives of the target groups met at Urbi high school in order to evaluate the project progress and to decide the winner of the logo contest. The three selected logos (32, 6, 65) were examined and, in the subsequent vote, logos number 32 and 6 drew in the votes. At this juncture, the final decision was left to the criterion of the project teachers who chose the logo number 6 because of its effectiveness in definition when scaled down and because instantly calls the name and the core of the project to mind. 

Congratulations to Omar Amaro!!!

viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

F.O.R. Erasmus+ project: 2nd school-exchange in Athens

From February 25 to March 3, some students from Plinio Seniore and Urbi will stay in Athens to take part in the activities organised by F.O.R. Erasmus+ project at Varvakeio Lyceum: Educational Program presented by the archeologist of the Acropolis  Museum entitled “The plants of the museum”, reception at the Municipality of Psychiko, visit to the botanical garden of the Agricultural University of Athens, visit to the National Archeological Museum, visit to the Acropolis - Ancient Agora – Roman Agora – Kerameikos, visit to the archeological site and the museum of Eleusis, visit to the Professional School for students with disabilities of Eleusis – activities related to the program in the plantation and the cooking class of the school guided by the students of the Professional School and their teachers.

sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

The winner logo at Liceo Plinio Seniore

We already have the winner in the logo contest at Liceo Plinio Seniore: it is the logo 6. Good luck to the designer Omar Amaro!  Now we are waiting for the winner logo at Varvakeio Lyceum. So there will be the final selection. 

Ancient gods and goddesses, enlighten the minds of the voters!!!

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016

Open door day at Urbi high school

On 3rd February, our school celebrated the open door day, in order to show our school projects and facilities to prospective students and families. Therefore, F.O.R. project had a significant presence in that event. We explained F.O.R. objectives and contents as a part of a modernisation process in our school.

The winner logo at Urbi high school

We already have the winner in the logo contest at Urbi high school: Endica Cavada from Baccalaureate 2nd grade class. The next step is to vote between the three winner logos in order to choose the final F.O.R. project logo.May the best logo win!